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Classes are divided into three categories.

1:entry class

Entry class can not be skipped. You can learn the basic recipes of Rajuku original here and use these recipes in the next utility class and aplication class.
You can learn How to make Wadashi stock, Menma and Egg seasoning, 3 different kind of no MSG tare(shoyu/Shio/Miso), 3 differen kind of flavored oils(Negi oil/Ma-yu/Ra-yu).

2:utility class

This class has different kind of broth making and the goal is making different kind of ramen with tare and toppings that we created in entry class.
You can learn how to make Chin-tan broth and different styles of Shoyu ramen  Shio ramen, pork Pai-tan broth and different styles of Tonkotsu ramen, Chicken pai-tan broth and Tori pai-tan ramen, Veggie broth and different kind of veggie ramen.

3:aplication class

In the aplication calss will use any kind of broth that we created in utility class to make other styles of ramen. 
You cana learn how to make different styles of Tsukemen, Iekei ramen, Tori pai-tan Miso ramen, Seabura miso ramen, Tantan men, differen kind of cold ramen, Maze soba and the Noodle class.


Participants from japan

If you are join to the class in Japan, Please let me know! because of the tax rate will change.

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Unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site and in the online classes, text and images and any other contents are strictly prohibited.
The Rajuku permission to use all recipes for your own personal and commercial use.Shall not disclose the RAJUKU recipes to any third party.
What you've learned will be your wealth that'll be available throughout your life and which, unlike material or financial properties, never gets stolen by somebody.
※No acceptable who come from same industry.