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We have the master chef course every month as well.
Please email us to check the up coming shedule.
Ramen Online class is available!! email us to check more details.
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 Rajuku Japan 

What's your RAMEN DREAM?

During the Meiji period, ramen come over to Japan as one among many Chinese dishes riding a wave of Cultural enlightenment.  A specialty shop first opened in Asakusa district of Tokyo around 100 years ago, changing the name with the times, and finally to Ramen and it has become a kind of Japanese soul food. Here we are RAJUKU provide Ramen skills, recipes and know-how.You can learn all about of authentic Ramen, Tsukemen, Mazesoba etc... from scratch!
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  • Experienced teachers
Ramen chef

Chef Koitani

instruction from famous ramen chefs

The Rajuku brings some of Tokyo's best chefs together to teach you everything from recipes to shop management to ingedient sourcing.These are some of Tokyo's ramen heavyweights, with countless accolades. (Top 10 rankings, Michelin Guide recommended shops, many media appearances)

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  • Quality curriculum

Biginners are welcome!

We focus on providing products which meet your needs and adequate support.If you want to be a professional Ramen chef, choose 10days master chef course.
You will get the cirtificate when you finish the course.

Ramen boy

Making of Ramen

Ramen Tsukemen

Making of Ramen

Operation training

You have never worked in a restaurant? Don't worry!
Rajuku is real ramen shop.You will have operation training at lunch time to provide a serve ordered Ramen and Tsukemen to tables of customers beautifully and correctly.


enjoy to make Ramen

Private class

The course doing every month, minimum 1 person, maximum 5people at same time. we can adapt the curriculum whatever you want. 

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  • Curriculum schedule
12days 1  day2 day3 day4 day5
Flavored oils
Noodle make
Roasted Cha-shu
Seasoning Egg&Menma
Chicken&Pork Chintan
Boiled Cha-shu
Simple Shoyu tare
Pork Chintan
Pork shoulder Cha-shu
Tonkotsu tare
Pork Paitan
Spicy paste

- Aburasoba/Mazesoba Shoyu ramen
Shio ramen
Miso ramen Tonkotsu ramen
(different styles)

day6 day7 day8 day9 day10
Operation training
Tonkotsu Gyokai

Veggie broth
Niku miso
Sasame paste

 Operation training

Chicken Paitan
Chicken cha-shu
Shio tare
Operation training

Veggie ramen
TanTan men


Tori Paitan ramen   
you can learn different kind of Flavored oils, Broth, TARE, Toppings, noodles and different kind of styles of Ramen, Tsukemen, Mazesoba/Aburasoba.
10days ramen master chef course ▶▶ We have the course every month. 
All recipes include.Also we can accept your request.  You can get certificate  when you finish the course.
3days basic course ▶▶ You can learn about basic of cooking Ramen.
3days Tonkotsu course ▶▶ You can learn about Pork broth, different styles of Tonkotsu Ramen.
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  • Extra

IZAKAYA class is avairable!

We can accept your request.

We can teach you how to make some Japanese dishes that called IZAKAYA menu.You can learn from basic Japanese cuisine. For examples, Asazuke(pickles),Takoyaki, Tonkatsu(pork cutlet), Chicken teriyaki, Kara-age(fried chicken), Potato salad, Kakuni, Oyako don, etc.... please ask us! 

Izakaya dishes

Izakaya menu

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  • Price
course Term Contents Price
Master chef course 10days For ramen creators. 
all recipes are include
(without tax)
Basic course 3days  Basic of ramen
(without tax)
Tonkotsu course  3days
Focused for Tonkotsu ramen 200,000JPY
(without tax)
Izakaya class   1day~  Lean how to make side dishes. 30,000JPY
(without tax) 
If the additional person come from same company/bussiness partner/family, you can get discount from 2nd person. Please ask us for details!

 Training for Ramen Creators. Tokyo's famous Ramen Shop owner teaches you from basic to latest know-how. re-opening, renewal, and produce. Full support for making prosperous Ramen Shops. also we can provide the recipes whatever you want, contact now!

We can do the overseas visit/Produce・・・provide Recipe and dispatch a ramen chef to your country. Assistance with build your Ramen shop! Also we can help to buy the equipment and kitchen utensils.
Produce fee; 1,500,000~3,000,000JPY(plus tax)
Please prepare the traveling expenses, staying expenses and meals separately.



Q:How do I know about availability for next course.

Please contact us by email: ramen.rajuku@gmail.com

also please check our instagram: ramenschool_rajuku


Q:What is the start and end time for each day?

The class always start at 10:00am to be end at 16:00pm.


Q: Do you provide accommodation or any recommendation to stay?

Sorry that the shared room is closed due to the covid-19.

Please make a reservation hotel nearby.


Q:Which area would be most convenient to stay at?

School located in Kanagawa pref. closest station is Fuchinabe by JR yokohama line.

It's about an hour and half from Haneda airport, 2hours from Narita airport.

download this app to see how to get to school by train.


Q:What payment methods are available for paying the course's fee?

I will send an invoice when you decide to take the class, please pay by banktransfer/Flywire and Paypal. Once you have verified the payment will be the reservation complete.


Q:What should I bring when attend the class?

Please bring a  pen  and notebooks and wear the non-slip shoes, head wear.(NO sandals, NO half pants) We will provide an Apron.

You can take pics and videos during the class.


Q:How many students are inthe course at the same tame?

Max 4-5 people. Class will held in small number of students in one group that mean you can offer great support.

※No acceptable who come from same industry.

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